Hook Knots - Tying Tricks, Choice, and Instructions
Tarpon fishing from a kayak - which weighs more, the tarpon or the kayak?
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Just starting out in Kayak fishing?  We have a great three steps for before, during and after the catch.
Fishing Knots. This is the one skill that just may save your life one day. Don't put it off. Learn them and do them every day(while you can) for several months, so it's in your muscle memory and you don't forget them. You can't trust that someone else is going to help you or save you ; when you need them to.
Agosto in festival. Top 10 dal Maine al Carnival di Londra; Maine, in kayak a pesca di astici? © Fotografia di Marianna Bronzino

Agosto in festival. Top 10 dal Maine al Carnival di Londra

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I made this boat to have fun and see if we could do a canoe with duct tape and pvc tubes. The boat is effectively waterproof and allows to sail long. I tried it on a river for 4 hours and the only fault is the reduced dimensions. On the other hand, it is so small that it returns whole in my car.

Duct Tape Canoe

Drive 3' rod 6-8" in ground. Rest running.chain saw on rod to drive.worms out of ground.
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Getting started in kayak fishing
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For many anglers having a slow day out on the water, the only thing that can turn it around is a good plastic worm rig. Here are a few of our favorite plastic worm rigs, the fishing tackle you'll need for each rig, and how to set them up. #1Source

4 Plastic Worm Rigs for Bass That You Shoud Know (Infographic)

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