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Fagioli bianchi con cipollotti Ingredienti: per 4 persone 200 g di fagioli bianchi 2 cipollotti 1 foglia di alloro succo di limone olio extravergine di oliva sale In realtà il fagiolo è un alimento nobile e molto nutriente e secondo fonti storiche è grazie al consumo di fagioli che nel medioevo vennero affrontate e superate spaventose carestie.

da Hell Horror

True Stories and Real People That Inspired AMERICAN HORROR...

True Stories and Real People That Inspired AMERICAN HORROR...: Here is a breakdown on all the influences for the for… #Fx #Infographic


Admit Iraq War was a disastrous mistake: Our view

People here in America wonder why Muslim nations have such a negative view of us. I suggest we stop dropping bombs on their countries and ask them.

da Salon

The governor who poisoned Flint: The GOP’s Rick Snyder thought he might be president. Not so fast…

Residents quickly knew something was very wrong –– the water looked, smelled and tasted like something fished out of a toilet. Parents knew their babies and toddlers were getting sick from it. The state secretly carted in water for its employees in Flint. Even General Motors stopped using the water at its engine plant because it was corroding parts.


Valerie Plame - Where was all this Republican concern for classified information when they literally outed an actual CIA agent?


Normally, Photos Don't Frighten Me. But By The Second Picture, I Had The Chills.

Horror Pics 6 Christopher McKenney is a conceptual photographer from Pennsylvania who manages to find true art in the dark and twisted. He specializes, as you’ll see, in horror and surrealist photography. Most of the subjects in his photos are faceless, and disembodied in some way. Even though you can’t directly see their faces, you can see the pain behind the veil. As you might imagine his pictures are more than a little creepy.


Considering Trump thinks that there's no point in having nuclear weapons unless you're going to use the ("why have them if you're not going to use them"), I'd say there's a lot to lose. Trump is a man who thinks there are simple answers to complex problems, who has a volatile, reactionary temperament, a cavalier attitude about nuclear weapons and what could be simpler and more definitive than using those types of weapons, either to eliminate ISIS or in response to some perceived insult.