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#FrancescoFacchinetti Francesco Facchinetti: Vi avevamo detto che era pericoloso fare in modo che le leggende metropolitane diventassero realtà ed infatti è successo quello che non doveva succedere. Degli sprovveduti spinti da manie di protagonismo hanno falsificato una chat con ALTRCONSUMO (foto a sinistra che, secondo loro, dice cose deliranti sul NOSTRO conto) Sapete qual è la cosa interessante? ALTROCONSUMO non ne sa niente come potete vedere dalla foto a destra. Noi e

il popolo del blog,: da mattarella a napolitano cosa è cambiato nulla s...

Se un uomo mette incinta la moglie pensando a un'altra donna, i figli nasceranno #gay È una delle dichiarazioni dell'ayatollah iraniano Hossein Dehnavi, molto noto nel proprio paese per dare consigli alle coppie sul matrimonio, sul sesso e sull'educazione dei figli. L'ayatollah è così popolare che molte coppie iraniane pagano profumatamente per partecipare come pubblico in teatro ai suoi spettacoli che a noi occidentali risultano a dir poco deliranti. Nel proprio paese, invece, Dehnavi ha…

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When Narcissists Claim to be Victims of Narcissists – Who is the Narcissist? a lie. Only the true narcissist hates the truth. No normal, rational person can ignore the truth. Listen to the way people frame conversations and you'll figure it out. It may take awhile to put the pieces together, but never doubt your gut. There are some guys in this world who will invent bullcrap about their exes in order to look more appealing. (And women will do this too, guys! Their act is usually the damsel in distress, battered woman act.) Avoid! Period.


I'm pretty sure you'd have to be standing in your driveway to see if we've STOPPED by to see OUR nephew, father, sister, brother-in-law or dog. I'm a 41 year old wife and mother of 3 children. You aren't even a thought in my mind most days. I'm not going to waste time, gas, $, mileage or brain cells on driving by your house! You really should get a new pair of glasses or look real hard for that pair you lost.


This!! So friggin true, and it's pathetic when you consistently do it. Truth will out itself. It always does.


Your delusional behavior really solidifies my belief in the statement, You can't argue with crazy.


An obsessive delusional nutcase. If someone wants to be with you they will. They wouldn't be able to walk away without a second thought if you had what you think you did. There first reaction wouldn't be to tell you how much they hate you as soon as your leverage was gone. They wouldn't have hateful awful things to say about you. Maybe they would be indifferent or avoid talking about you. But not be filled with hate.They won't avoid you. Ignore you. They would see you daily when you live a…


Knowing Ignorance Quotes Most People Are Drowning In Their Delusional Ignorance - Entertainment world


I actually get embarrassed for some people because they look so pathetic!