Percussion 1, Flutes 0 @Julia Marie @Alyssa Cline

word captions Your FLUTE is Heavy? what about our drums That's CUTE, Are those. :D this is how I feel when our PICCOLO player is complaining and ive got a giant bass drum crushing my chest .

This is so true! Why do they always blame percussion?

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Percussion Problems | and in my band the percussionists usually just sit in the back doing math homework xD

This is so accurate. Only my fellow percussionists added "Goofing Off.

Percussion Problems List Yessssss! Every single one!

Percussion Problems List Poster

Especially despite the band director telling the class MULTIPLE times that if you are not a drummer, stay out of the drum section. is pretty applicable too.

Being the only female percussionist means that your awesome for life. I'm one of them I should know:)

Being the only female percussionist means that your awesome for life. Even though I'm not the only female my case one out of two female percussionist)

Drum time = life

Guys, I'm genuinely worried right now. Drumming is my life, and today, I was bangin away on my kit and I had seriously bad pains in my knee. like it felt like something was streching. What if I can't drum anymore?

percussion @Ben Silbermann Rodney, it this true?? XD

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Entity Percussion Synthesizer

Entity Percussion Synthesizer

tehe :)

Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is LMU. That's Pepperdine. You must never go there, Simba.