Copy Cat PayDay Candy Bars If you love PayDay bars, you are definitely going to love this! It’s super fast to make your own at home and they are super yummy! Be sure to gently press theContinue Reading.

Delicious Homemade Pay Day Candy Bars - so easy and they taste just like the real thing! My favorite candy bar.

Homemade PayDay Candy Bars

Pay Day is my very favorite candy bar. I love PayDay bars! Homemade PayDay Candy Bars (Refrigerate to setup properly)

Copycat Payday Candy Bars

Copycat Payday Candy Bars~ Homemade payday candy bars made of sticky-sweet, gooey caramel balanced by the crunch of a thousand salty peanuts

Peanut Chewy Payday Bars - Peanut Chewy Payday Bars - Like the classic candy bar and with a layer of marshmallow, too! Soft and chewy, salty-and-sweet all in one easy bar!

Didn't really set up like a nougat texture - more like a thicker (but soft) caramel but still stuck together very well and were delicious. And one batch makes a ton!

Homemade Payday Bars

Homemade Payday Bars - these are salty/sweet perfection and they're NO BAKE!

Salted Nut Candy Bars

copycat PayDay bars - Salted Nut Candy Bars-you'll love the sweet, salty combination of these candy bars, just a few ingredients, no-bake and they make a great gift for the holidays!

Easy Salted Peanut Chews

Easy Salted Peanut Chews ~ Easy homemade version of your favorite peanut candy bar!sub cashews, sugar cookie mix and butterscotch chips?

These sinfully delicious PayDay(R) bars, made with peanuts and marshmallows, are a sweet and salty treat that taste just like the candy bar.

Homemade PayDay Candy Bars

Homemade PayDay Candy Bars- use salted almonds/cashews and sunbutter instead of peanut butter.

Copycat Payday Candy Bars

CopyCat Payday Candy Bars, salty and sweet and totally yummy! I'm not sure what these are but they look delicious.