DIY Patchwork Sofa -

DIY Patchwork Sofa

“ Colorful and imaginative patchwork couch by Squint Limited ” I am about as wild about patchwork furniture as the unique, one-of-a kind patterns they boast. Any of these patchwork pieces would.

Joybird Liam Patchwork Sofa from Stacy P.

Liam Patchwork Sofa

The Canterbury - Black and White Colourway

Squint Limited is a unique, independent London based design company which produces and retails premium quality, bespoke, hand-crafted exuberant furniture and home accessories.

Sofá patchwork con telas Suzani  3 asientos por namedesignstudio

Patchwork sofa with Suzani fabrics 3 seats par namedesignstudio

LOVE this bright colored boho patchwork sofa

Eclectic Living Room with Pink Chesterfield Patchwork Sofa, High ceiling, Colonial Mills Rustica Area Rug, Carpet, Paint

LOVE THIS - PH Damask Sofa by namedesignstudio on Etsy

Damask Patchwork Sofa I founded Name Design Studio in 2010 with Ali Tarakci to…