Pancake Art! Such a fun snack as well as art project for kids!

Homeschooling with Pancake Art

Have trouble getting the little ones up in the morning? Make breakfast colorful and fun by letting the kiddos be artists and chefs! Serve it with Mott's apple juice for a finishing touch.

Perfect breakfast for Shark Week!

Celebrate Shark Week with a Breakfast to Remember

great technique for making any shape pancake! This one's perfect breakfast for Shark Week!

Amazing pancake art!

Learn how to make and pancake art! Create anything you want out of pancake batter!

Basketball pancakes anyone? Find the recipes and more in Jim Belosic's OMG PANCAKES as seen on the Today Show

Get pumped for the March Madness Final Four with these basketball pancakes!

Pancake Art - Cut the Rope (Om Nom) by Tiger Tomato

Pancake Art - Cut the Rope (Om Nom) by TigerTomato Join TigerTomato here…

If you believe I can draw that well with a squirt bottle, I have a bridge made of crack to sell you.

How to Make a Mickey Mouse Pancake

What a great idea ~ How to make a Mickey Mouse pancake. Including pancake recipe, tips and video.

This Father And Son Make The Most Amazing Pancake Art Ever

This Pop Culture Pancake Art Will Blow Your Mind

FunBites Minion Banana Pancakes

FunBites Minion Banana Pancakes

Stained Glass Butterfly Pancakes - the kids will love these beautiful and colorful spring pancakes made with sprinkles

Stained Glass Butterfly Pancake - the kids will love these colorful springtime pancakes for breakfast made with rainbow color sprinkles .

Put your creative skills to the test this Shrove Tuesday and try out one of our inventive pancake art ideas, from buzzing bumble bees to fantastic fruity lions

How to make pancake art

Unicorn pancakes: The number one pancake choice for lovers of rainbows and sparkles!