Send hate to anyone in this fandom ex: The lads, Their families and GF's, Their soon to be Wife/Wives (you never know), The families of the GF's, The friends of the GF's, And lastly each other. If you do you are no longer a fan or part of this fandom family . I am certainly not a friend of yours.

True Blood Fan Drawings | Lexilovestrueblood December 19, 2011 User blog:Lexilovestrueblood

Niall and Liam:) ❤️

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NIALL ON HIS WAY HOME! HE SAT NEXT TO TWO FANS OMFG THEY'RE SO LUCKY <<< GUYS I STILL CANT GET OVER THIS THATS LIKE TEN HOURS WITH NIALL ITS LIKE A LITERAL FANFIC THE UNIVERSE HATES ME<<< and not to mention they are pretty. So it's almost like he's going to marry them by tomorrow I hate my life. Ahhhhhhhhh!

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Everyone used to hate Perrie, but there's something I've always loved about her.. I think it's her perfection...

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Just do it later...

Do not forget…

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not really. but this is funny. <3

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