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27 Toe Nail Designs to Keep Up with Trends

"Block 167 - Painted Toes. What a lovely block. No seam matching and it looks this good."

📌 Pick a Block and pick your colors. Make a Signature Quilt in a lap Quilt or Twin Quilt to give as Gifts 📌 "Block 167 - Painted Toes. What a lovely block. No seam matching and it looks this good.

o.k. not into painting my toes but this is absolutely the cutest i have ever seen...

stripe and heart toe nails. I would just leave the black stripe off the four toes and have the big toe be the focal point.

Instagram media captain8bit - since summer is back, i have had the urge to just chevron the frick outta my pedicures, lol. i used to do them a lot last summer, & i'll do 'em again! this is @chinaglazeofficial "plur-ple" & holy hell, is this not the most perfect neon purple you've ever seen?!  i love it to pieces. it's not too dark & it's not too light. & these freehand chevrons were killing me.  i think they look bad because i painted them & i saw each & every line i did. but from...

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What a great man to do this for his lil girl in memory of their lost loved one <3  painted toe nails

Dump A Day Faith In Humanity Restored - 28 Pics Omg. made me cry again,,, these beautiful things people do for Love.what a great Dad.