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Our Permaculture Life: Do you want a weed-free garden? Film #12 Weed-Free Mulching by Morag Gamble (3 mins)

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Deep Mulch Gardening

Gardening is hard! Let this method of deep mulch gardening make it a whole lot easier! Read all about my experience with switching to this method.

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Mulches: Types and Uses

Different Types of Mulch and their Unique Uses Mulch can be used to create micro-climates, extend the season, prevent weeds, create pathways, retain or release water (and prevent washing out when you get too much rain), protect and improve the soil, prevent soil-borne diseases... It all depends on your mulch!

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Curb Appeal: The Mulch Project

Curb Appeal: The Mulch Project

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Weed-free Xeriscaping - lush dry landscapes without weeds

Weed Free Xeriscaping - a clean, dry garden... Gardening | Xeriscaping


Mulch Ado about Murder (Local Foods Mystery) by Edith Max…


Unknown mushroom found in Orlando,FL in the mulch.

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Using Pine Needles as Mulch

There are many benefits of using pine needles as mulch!

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7 Simple Ways to Improve Garden Soil

Have poor soil but want to still grow veggies? THERE IS HOPE! These are some of the ways I've been improving the soil in my garden plot, and it's working!

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Creating a Buried Pot Garden

Creating a buried pot garden is a beautiful and easy way to ecoscape. Not only will your garden be extraordinarily charming and tidy, it'll consume less water and energy. Sunken planter gardens like this one provide both form and function. The pots prevent your herbs or plants from overrunning their designated areas, and the mulch keeps unwanted weeds and pests at bay while consuming no water and energy.