17+ Unique and Stylish CD and DVD Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

How to organize DVDs and free up TONS of space! - Ask Anna atlantic movie sleeves

25+ DVD Storage Ideas You Had No Clue About

I'm kicking off a new organizing series and we're starting with how to organize DVDs. We own 52 DVDs but you'd never know it by how little space they take up!

Best DVD Storage Solution For Easy Organization

DVD Storage Ideas - Anyone with an unruly DVD collection knows the agony of picking through disorganized drawers of movies to find the one you're in the moo

Organizing Tips ~ How to Organize Your Movies

Conquered pin: organizing movies/dvds into a binder. Verdict: love it for kids movies they watch over &over

DVD Organization: Tips for Organizing and Storage of DVD's

DVD Organization: How to Fit a Lot of Movies Into a Small Space

After removing DVDs that do not spark joy in you, you can get smaller DVD cases so that the remaining movies you own take up less space.

17+ Unique and Stylish CD and DVD Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Organize your DVDs and get rid of the bulky plastic cases! Love this idea because I HATE those thick bulky plastic movie cases.

9 Labeling 101: Print & Cut Stickers

Organizing DVDs, laptops, chargers, video games, video game controllers and home movies.

Modern Approaches to Displaying and Storing Video Games and Movies

Store DVD or Video Game cases in boxes that look good and keep things organized. Set up separate boxes for kids' movies, parents' movies, and video games. Label each box so the cases get put back in the right spots.

25+ DVD Storage Ideas You Had No Clue About

Are you looking for a way to store your DVDs that is organized, efficient, and saves space? Here are 7 smart DVD storage ideas that you’ll find useful!

15+ Unique Stylish CD and DVD Storage Ideas

Great idea for organizing the kids stuff! Take yards of DVD storage and condense it to a few inches. I do this with all of my music cd's as well! I also color code my music library; red notebook for Christmas, black for Classical, etc.

Our DVDs eat up so much of our storage since I hate having them "out". IHeart Organizing: Reader Space: Eat, Sleep, Decorate & ORGANIZE can cut the covers and slip in front or glue it to the front?

√ 20+ Creative DVD Storage Ideas With Cоnvеntіоnаl Stуlеѕ (DIY

organize movies in acrylic dvd organizers from the Container Store. I threw out most of the cases. The boxes are organized by categories. Box 1 – Kids movies Box – Mom & Dads movies - Home Decorating Magazines

17+ Unique and Stylish CD and DVD Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Let& talk about organizing. I& pretty good at getting organized. Staying organized is another story. I have a bad habit about not put.