It's time to get rid of my piles of mail all over and get them organized!

How to Organize Mail to Eliminate Paper Clutter

@Brooke Garrett this is one way to use magazine holders for mail. I thought of you when I saw this!

Homemaking Fun: Organization Idea- recycle cereal boxes: boxes for bills to pay, paid bills, receipts, coupons, etc

Want to get control of your home and your life and your stuff again

Join Me! A Ten Week Organizing Challenge for Your Entire House

Want to get control of your home and your life and your stuff again with a ten week plan to organise your entire house, declutter

Okay, we totally need this type of organization for keeping track of incoming bills and things to file away. RM

15 Clever & Unusual Ways Magazine Holders Can Organize Your Life

LOVE. Much better than storing mail and bills on a cluttered desk or kitchen table! #organize my life.

20 Command Center Ideas to Inspire

Awesome DIY Command Centers like this one! Loving the home office wall space and decorating! Home organization ideas

Ikea floating shelves, stencilled wall, DIY mail baskets - click through to see the full home office makeover reveal at A house full of sunshine!

Amazing what a little spray can do. Perfect for a command center or office organization. Via A house full of sunshine: DIY industrial wire mail baskets

Hi friends! I’ve been working through my next phase of decluttering (read more about that here) using the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. And I’m focusing on organizing my books and papers right now. #sendhelp #papersfordays This quest to organize my whole life has led me to create a command center for our family. …

Top 10 Family Command Centers to Organize Your Life

I used to stick my nose up at command centers. But I've realized they are FABULOUS for organizing your life. 10 Top Family Command Centers to Organize Your Life

organize kids room | organizing rooms

7 Ways to Organize Your Kids' Clutter

Home Organization 101: Week 4 "The Office" (Season 3) | A Bowl Full of Lemons - using dish organizer to hold up home

A Bowl Full of Lemons - Home Office Organization - How to organize your office space. A BOWL FULL OF LEMONS - a dangerous site - makes me want to organize everything!

Mail Station:  As soon as you check the mail, sort through it right away to keep the paper piles away.  If you don't have time to go through it then goes in the "incoming mail" folder.  If you have something to send out then put it in the outgoing mail folder.  All other folders are self explanatory.  The last folder is for coupons.  Its such a great station to have in your home.

Keep all your important schedules, papers and lists in one handy, portable place with this “Mobile” Command Center. Via A Bowl Full of Lemons (I'll use this system in the study, not on the kitchen bench)

smart mail sorting using clothespins Repinned by Suzanna Kaye Orlando, Florida Home Organizer. More tips and products at:

Roundup: 9 Creative Ways to Tame Mail & Bill Paying Clutter