GREAT article and ideas!!  John Hilton III is a great teacher!
July Young Women Lesson: Why are ordinances important in my life AND Why are temple ordinances important? – The Exponent
Handout for YW "Come Follow Me" July Lesson "Why are temple ordinances important" Also for Personal Progress Virtue Value Experience #3. <3
A beautiful reminder why temple ordinances are important.
LDS YOUNG WOMEN Come, Follow Me lesson helps for July Ordinances and Covenants "WHY ARE TEMPLE ORDINANCES IMPORTANT
{Sharing Time} July 2016 Week 2: Families are Blessed Through Sacred Temple Ordinances
July - Temple Ordinances

Ordinances and Covenants - July Youth Handouts {Spanish & English

This quote came from the talk from President Monson titled, "The Holy Temple - A Beacon to the World".
{Visiting Teaching} June 2016 Visiting Teaching Message: Temple Ordinances and Covenants
YW July lessons temple blessings ordinances and covenants