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Transitioning into the role of an Operating Room (OR) nurse, whether a new grad or an experienced nurse changing specialties, can be overwhelming. Sometimes, those nurses wonder if they made the.

You Know You're An Operating Room Nurse If...

18 Ways To Tell If You Are An Operating Room Nurse

Here are 18 truths an operating room (OR) nurse knows and understands. If your friend is an OR nurse, see if these fit her.

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So You Want to Be an O.R. Nurse: The Intern's Guide to Survival in the Operating Room

Confessions of an Operating Room Nurse: Fifty Shades of Green by Kate Richardson, Paperback

Surgical incisions.  Why was this so hard to learn?!

SURGICAL INCISION LABELS: the core. for Medical Interpreters. Useful for when going between languages especially when giving accurate labels to the signs on the body.

Operating Room Nursing

operating room presentation created for NCM 102 lecture from FCC, Roxas

Not all patients are annoying. Some are unconscious. | Workplace Ecard | for erika

Not all patients are annoying. Some are unconscious. But sadly even the unconscious ones usually have a family.