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This room should so be me!!!!! *FANGIRLING*


One Direction Vinyl Wall Decal Story Of My Life I'll Be Gone Gone Tonight, Price: $11.03

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The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert W. Service {Google Digital Resource}

This is a complete lesson for Robert W. Service's eerie narrative, "The Cremation of Sam McGee." This resource includes: A prereading Word Cloud activity A prereading Scavenger Hunt on the poet and the Klondike Gold Rush A close reading assignment that includes the poem, annotation directions, and stanza-by-stanza questions A summary assignment A 14-question multiple choice quiz A print friendly PDF version AND Google Slides version A complete answer key


Value of Time/ Catholic Spirirual Direction

Besides the Autumn Poets Sing. I always get really depressed during the winter. In this poem, the author says farewell to the happy, bubbling brooks, the elves, and prosaic days of summer. The last stanza makes it clear that she's talking about the emotional effect that the seasons can have on us, when she prays for a 'sunny mind' to bear herself against the winter cold. The photo is goldenrod. She alludes to two other poems, both of which are odes to the beauty of nature. But… | Catholic Spiritual Direction | Catholic Spiritual Direction - Seek Him - Find Him - Follow Him Catholic Spiritual Direction

No matter how we fight it we must follow it Walt Whitman from Leaves of Grass


Jean Alphonse RoehnInterior Scene Penance ConfessionReconciliation

In the scene also the parquet's direction leads the attention to what's behind the door ---------- in questa scena addirittura la direzione delle travi del parquet portano l'attenzione all'entrata della stanza ---------- Dampyr (Mauro Boselli, Maurizio Colombo & Mario "Majo" Rossi) #comics #fumetto

God and Tyrants: A Government with no religion or Biblical Moral Precepts will surely fail like most Godless empires throughout world history.