Now we can all be that One step closer to the One Direction boys with their sweet fragrance Our Moment.

Watch: Video of One Direction's fragrance launch party! The One Moment we've all been waiting for!

Capture the magic of a special moment with the One Direction Our Moment Eau de Parfum, the debut fragrance created for fans. The One Direction perfume is a sparkling fruity floral for girls who like their scent to be as sweet and spirited as

Between Us - One Direction's New Fragrance (2015) Hum, I'm not rich.. I still haven't got money for You And I.

One Direction's New Fragrance Commercial Proves Life Can Go On After Zayn — Watch

The evolution of one direction scents !!!I need to get all of them,I can't ever find them in the stores enywhere!!!!

Really wanna smell them. I've seen these in stores and always wanna see what they smell like but they never have like samples for it or the scratch and sniffs on them 😥 but I bet they smell pretty good so I want them anyways 😂

One Direction- 'Our Moment' Fragrance Ad - YouTube. THE EPITOME OF PERFECTION LIKE ACTUALLY THOUGH

One Direction- 'Our Moment' Fragrance Ad I shall watch it until I feel better. Then I will watch it more (:

Our Moment by One Direction. This would be an awesome birthday present. Might get it on this friday Dec. 13 who knows?:D

Perfume One direction new in box! Our Moment! 💋 Perfume one direction new in fl. One direction Other

Avon prepared a new fragrance specifically for the Brazilian market. For You by One Direction is dedicated to fans of the British boy band One Direction, which already has its own line of perfumes (Our Moment, That Moment and You & I), under the license of Eden Parfums ...

Limited edition fragrance from Avon and the British boy band Avon prepared a new fragrance specifically for the Brazilian market. For You by One Directi.

Even though it pains me to say that i like this band(guilty pleasure). The perfume smells great!!!

One DirectionOur Moment Eau de Parfum Spray {Don't even talk to me because this actually smells REALLY good}

MOM I NEED MONEY!!! MAAAAA I NEED TO "BORROW" SOME MONEY!!!! >borrow as in use and never give back hehehe<

Got this smells so good quite a floral scent get it with a lotion as well.