These things sound gay as hell but I guess that's cause Louis and Harry are gay as hell

One Direction Facts♡

I just fell in love with them 9982792759374957239579375 infinity more times!

"One Direction Facts {part one}" by onedirectionfacts ❤(Zayn says "Vas Happening",he don't hay What Happening

"One Direction Facts {part two}" by onedirectionfacts ❤ (is it creepy i already knew this?) (Hey niall i can put on several accents ;)(im me and i can be weird! lol ya im weird XD)

I always have messy hair, and I'll hit the gym just incase he shows up. I chew gum ALL the time. And I laugh like crazy. I'll be right back. Getting a leather jacket.

Hahaha i can TOTALLY im american, but it didn't feel right using an irish name like Niall and then saying mom right after. You've gotta say mum)