This is just a stunning old gate!! In order for people to enter the venue guests must make their way in by entering this old gate

A gate that is almost transparent frames your beautiful creation. Share the fruits of thy labour. Share your Garden. A view has the power to uplift the passer by & you may never know.

I've got the old garden gate from where I grew up - this is a good idea of how to use it in the garden. Maybe with some climbing roses...

DIY Flower Garden Support - Bury Bottom of Old Gate or Into The Ground -new idea for my gate

gates Use them to keep your dogs in or out of a room -- looks so much better than a baby gate!  Lowes has them in different widths and heights :)  Great idea!

Love the idea of the wrought iron gate.maybe an alternative to a baby gate or pet gate?

<3 old gate for climbing flowers ~ on mine I train my sweet smelling sweet peas to climb

SNS #35 brings you - old gates & "Gitter Done" date

"Mayella looked as if she tried to keep clean, and I was reminded of the row of red geraniums in the Ewell yard" (Lee Indirect characterization: Mayella is neat and more caring/responsible/socially acceptable than the rest of her family.

Old Gate - Many farms/yards had old metal gates separating the house and yard from the rest of the property.  If you were on the farm the gate and fence kept the chickens, geese, ducks etc. out of the yard around the house.  I repurposed and old gate like this and put it in my front flower bed with a floral wreath hanging on it.  Wonderful way to repurpose!

Inside an Ohio Farmhouse

Needed:  old gate, tin wall containers, and letters.....must add this to my "to look for" list at yard sales/flea markets!

Old Rusty Garden Gate.repurposed into prim home decor on the wall. Love this for on my wall with my mantle!

Love this old gate! I once had one very much like it and left it when I sold my house and since regret doing so...

In the garden Pretty. Love this old gate! Planters, garden decor, yard projects and more!

Use as a garden border - or to mark the end of a "flower bed". ;)

We hvae some lovely "new" vintage garden fence and gates, we are using them to create trellises!

Old gate flower box

Old gate flower box - use for vining/trailing veggies like squash and tomatoes next year

I am now on the hunt for something like this here.... it would definitely work in my very naked kitchen area!  I need this, for real.  from Hammers and High Heels, old gate used as pot/storage rack in kitchen

vintage garden fence turned wall mounted pot rack for small apartment at college or first job.