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rickydillon kianlawley trevormoran jccaylen connorfranta sampottorff I love these boys

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Trevor Moran and Jc Caylen

I love them and this is one of my favorite pictures of all of them!!!!!

It amazes me that 6 guys I have never met in my life could change if so much. inspires me everyday to be myself and to not be afraid of what people think of me and for that I am truly thankful

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First Hello and Last Goodbye ~~Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Sam…

So true <3 They are the reason I smile everyday.  Thank you guys, you have really changed my life <3

These are the reasons I feel different about myself, and tend to laugh and smile alot! Thanks for making positivity control my life.

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able to do what they love to do, making people all over the world smile everyday, wouldn't take no for an answer,

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Jc Caylen Connor Franta Sam Pottorff Trevor Moran Ricky Dillon Kian Lawley Our Second Life

For when you feel like you can't do anymore or you can't go on read this and go watch there videos! ~ Alexis (aka me)

JC Caylen Sam Pottorff Kian Lawley Connor Franta Ricky Dillon Trevor Moran Our Second Life