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Nonna Blog: Trigger's Moses Basket.

Baby Autumn looks adorable in her Cotton Candy Nap Mat. Mummy Shannon told us "I just want to say that one of the best things bought was this nap mat! She would not settle in the Moses basket alone, as soon as this was put in she settled straight away. She's so cosy and there's no worry about her throwing a blanket over her face..." Nonna is thrilled! :-) • Find out more about Nap Mats:

Lewis is such a cute little man in his Googly Green Nap Mat. Mummy Joanne told us "This is my son Lewis enjoying his nap mat at just 4 days old. It fits perfectly in his Moses basket and keeps him comfy and cosy for his daytime naps". Nonna is delighted! :-) • Find out more about Nap Mats:

Little Oscar Loves His Blue Bear Nap Mat!!! Cute baby Oscar is so comfy and happy in his nap mat. Mum Davina told us "Little Oscar is 3 wks old and loves it loads. Best thing I've bought him brill for pram and Moses basket" Nonna is delighted! :-)


Baby Sophie sleeps soundly in her Nap Mat! The cute little lady wasn't always so good at sleeping, mummy Samantha explained "Sophie would not sleep in her Moses basket before we got our fabulous nap mat!" Nonna is thrilled! :-) • Find out more about Nap Mats:

Little Rosa-Alice sleeps soundly in her Cotton Candy nap mat. She is so cute, and mummy Riana told us "She wouldn't sleep in her moses basket but now she has her cosy nap mat she is fine in it! Very happy Mummy :)) x" Nonna is delighted!

Isaac Bailey Loves His Green Froggy Nap Mat!!! Nonna was delighted when she received photos of gorgeous little Isaac snoozing in his nap mat. Mum Juliet said "My 5wk old son Isaac Bailey loves his green froggy nap mat - sleeps soundly all night on it in his Moses basket! Thank you so much!! Juliet xx." Isn't Isaac a wee cutie?! :-)

Kellan Loves His Googly Green Frog Nap Mat!!! As you can see from the photos, Kellan is a cute little man who enjoys his nap mat. Our thanks to mum Charlotte who told Nonna "Used it in the pram in his Moses basket and his cot... definitely our best purchase!" Nonna is happy! :-)

Little Lucas And His Big Friendly Blue Bear Mat!!! Baby Lucas is 5 weeks old, and loves sleeping in his nap mat. Mummy Sam told us "My baby is 5 weeks old and would not settle in his Moses basket until we got the mat." Nonna is delighted that the nap mat has helped! :-)

Baby Jackson is cosy in his Nap Mat. He is such a cute little man, and mummy Debi told us that he sleeps better with this in his Moses basket than without it. She added "really great quality". Nonna is thrilled! :-) • Find out more about Nap Mats: