Do you know which necklace lengths look best on you? Check out the jewelry sizing cheat sheet from Diamonds in the Library.

Guide to jewelry sizes: my jewelry sizing cheat sheet.

Useful - As much as I like necklaces, this is a handy-dandy tool: Necklace Lengths - good to know for when you're ordering online and can't try it on

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Necklace Sizing Chart ⦁ 16 inches: Choker length ⦁ inches: At the collarbone ⦁ 20 inches: A few inches below the collarbone ⦁ 22 inches: At or above the neckline ⦁ 24 inches: Below the neckline

Necklace Lengths. I'm sure the type of necklace will change the way it hangs (one with a pendant will give a more v-shape and hang a bit lower), and your body shape and chest size may also make a small difference, but this gives a good general idea of how these different lengths will look on your body.

A good go-to guide for necklace lengths when ordering online, etc. (unless you've got big boobs like me, in which case subtract of length, HA)

Chart gives sizes of bracelets and necklace for different ages. Takes the guess out of what size will fit.

Sizing guide for bracelets and necklaces. This looks to me that this is more of actual measurement chart. When working with paracord you have to add at least to make up for the thickness of the cord.

Denim Choker Necklace [grandavenue: 323333] • Color : Blue  • Necklace Size : 12" + 4" L • Decor Size : 2" H • Denim choker necklace with frayed edge Jewelry Necklaces

Denim Choker Necklace