Do you know which necklace lengths look best on you? Check out the jewelry sizing cheat sheet from Diamonds in the Library.

Guide to jewelry sizes: my jewelry sizing cheat sheet.

Useful - As much as I like necklaces, this is a handy-dandy tool: Necklace Lengths - good to know for when you're ordering online and can't try it on

16"-never restricts your neck to take deep breaths. 18"-referred to as princess piece-these knickknacks are designed to sit down on the clavicle. 20"-Siting slightly below the clavicle-is termed a matinée & sometimes the standard length for adding lockets & pendants. 22"-Landing at the highest of the bust-this falls into the matinée class. 24"-this long ought to be at the middle of the bust or below it.

Choosing the Right Length for your Necklace

Learn tips to pick the right length for your necklace. Selecting the right necklace lengths for your body type adds elegance to your overall ensemble.


Recycled glass and metal multi-strand necklace

Necklace lengths are measured from the hollow at the base of the throat. If your neck measures 13 inches, then a 16 inch necklace will drape about one and one

Necklace Lengths and Layering // #Accessories

Necklace Layering 101: Everything You Need to Master the Look

Necklace lengths. Good to know if ordering jewelry and can't picture the length.  Twitter @Pat Gilman Owl Fundraiser instagram @origamiowlfundraiser

A good go-to guide for necklace lengths when ordering online, etc. (unless you've got big boobs like me, in which case subtract of length, HA)

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Necklace Sizing Chart ⦁ 16 inches: Choker length ⦁ inches: At the collarbone ⦁ 20 inches: A few inches below the collarbone ⦁ 22 inches: At or above the neckline ⦁ 24 inches: Below the neckline

Necklaces length. Good to know!- Great for   helping DIY jewelry making.-

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This is a great tool for identifying necklace length. A great tool for when buying your jewellery online!- Great for helping DIY jewelry making.

Necklace lengths - of course where a piece falls depends on the size of the wearer.

Necklace lengths - of course where a piece falls depends on the size of the wearer. Ook in cm deze keer!