Weavolution Group - Beginning Navajo Weaving Techniques Online Class. This weaver group is managed by MaryWalker, Weaving Guild

Native American, Navajo Textile sampler of vegetal dyes used in Navajo Weaving, by Vera Description: Tribe/Region of Origin: Navajo, Artist: Vera Myer

) From the Cline Library archive that I mentioned here. Absolutely in love with all the weaving photos.

A visual tutorial of How to Set up Warps a Navajo Weaving loom. I'm Warping a by sized weaving.

Let's talk color

Handling the two wefts at the selvages when weaving "Pick and Pick." In Navajo weaving, this is called "Coalmine.

Navajo Weaving: this image shows the colours that they use and the way they blend the colours considering tone and pattern

How to Build Navajo Looms

How to Make a Navajo Weaving Loom With Woodworking Jason is so going to love making this for me!