This Shoot With Muscular Women Shows Them Crushing Stereotypes Bare-Handed

Elle India’s beauty issue this May features muscular women who have sculpted their bodies and thrown every feminine stereotype out the window.

How Danyelle Wolf Got That Body

How does pro boxer Danyelle Wolf maintain a body worthy of the ESPN Body Issue?

scitechfitness: “crossfitters: “ Marianna Tzourtzek by Pete Williamson ” Yes.

Abbye “Pudgy” Stockton was known as The “First Lady of Iron.” In the she organized the first women’s weight lifting contest and operated the first all-women’s gym in the United States. She lifted, performed acrobatics on Muscle Beach and wrote exte

Men who insult muscular women make it really obvious how fragile their masculinity is.

Venus with Biceps: A Pictorial History of Muscular Women

"From the to the early women had to appear as ladylike as possible, even when doing something as traditionally masculine as working out with weights. This girl is doing a seated press with respectably heavy we

Do More Pull Ups! I'm a long way from this. a really really long way but a girl can dream. pull ups and defined back like I used to have!

She Wants Women to Know That They Can Be Muscular and Keep Their Feminine Curves

Massy Arias wasn't always a fitness guru, but now she's inspiring people all over the Internet to be their best and most fit selves: just ask any of her nearly

Better known by her stage name, Vulcana, Kate Williams was born in 1875 in Wales. She was particularly good at bench presses, she could reach weights of with her right hand. A 30 she had a bicep that measured