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War Water is traditional foot track magic at it's best. A combination of swampy iron water, tangled spanish moss, a rusty iron nail, and vile ingredients in a glass bottle.

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Anemoni Rose ortensie viticci muschio spagnolo sposa bouquet artificiale vero tocco seta fiori bianchi


mirto árbol con musgo español


Set of 3- Tan Spanish Moss Ball. Hanging Kokedama String Garden. Care Free, Real Preserved Plants. by ArtisanMoss on Etsy


Simple recipe for War Water Use for protection, spiritual cleanser and to reverse curses and hexes to sender. Directions; In a mason jar place iron nails and add enough water to cover. Shut the jar. Leave it undisturbed until rust begins to form. To speed the process you can open the jar periodically. Add more water as needed. Keep the jar in a cool area or refrigerator. Strain the water and use as needed. (Some people add spanish moss to the process) (Encyclopedia of 5000 spells)


HEX BANE Blue Magic Hoodoo Oil is handcrafted with Bay Leaf, Sweet Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) chips from Madagascar, Myrrh resin, Red Rose Petals, Blue Vervain, Red Wine, Hyssop, premium Celtic Sea Salt and Dead Sea Salt. Use this powerful blend to eliminate baneful energies, break hexes, remove jinxes and uncross conditions.