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Loki and Mr. Stark are reminded that it is prohibited to reprogram the Helicarrier’s intranet dictionary to display “Thor Odinson” and show Thor’s ID photo as the definition of the word “gullible.”

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S.H.I.E.L.D Human Resources Dept., To address one of the issues we had last year, unless you really are extraterrestrial in origin, you are to answer the ‘race’ category honestly, and please remember that “awesome,” “superhero,” “Avenger,” and even “Midgardian” are NOT considered races. Mr. Stark is reminded that arguing that he is “out of this world” doesn’t make him any less human.

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But if it were true, the Olympics would be even more interesting :D

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Loki and Agent Wilson are reminded that they may not field or command their own private armies, nor may they require oaths of fealty from their interns, if they are assigned any.

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Captain Rogers is hereby ordered to cease organizing training missions designed merely to go toNebraskaand tip over sleeping cows. Cow-tipping is NOT an “American Pastime” and Loki and Thor shouldn’t be told that it is.

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Loki is advised to resist what I am sure is a very strong urge to replace Director Fury’s coffee with decaf. He didn’t appreciate the joke, and no one else who worked with him that morning did, either.

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Loki is reminded that he is not allowed to end every single sentence with “in accordance with prophecy.” Thor is further reminded that he may not nod sagely afterwards and say “so mote it be.”

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Things are getting wild at S.H.E.I.L.D. parties.... Fandral and Volstagg are no longer welcome at Karaoke Night. Relatedly, I am instituting a three-drink MAXIMUM at all S.H.I.E.L.D. functions, effective immediately, and anyone who arrives visibly intoxicated will be denied entry.]

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MEMO #434 Please refrain from starting, or participating in, flame wars on the intranet servers. Especially refrain from starting flame wars offline and in-person. Do not ever use real flames. I shouldnt have to write a memo about that last bit. On a related note, the Rec area will be closed for repairs for the next week or two.

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I believe it was technically Magneto... I'm laughing and crying at the same time.

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