Should be packing to move, but Netflix won't stop automatically playing the next episode. | Confession Ecard

Funny Breakup Ecard: Everybody knows the only person looking for a husband is somebody that ain't never had one, honey.

How everyone's apartment feels when it is time to pack for a move | Moving Day Humor

Moving Checklist

((Open RP, play the Grim Reaper?)) I'd just died, a bit painfully, but dead nonetheless. When he showed up, I was surprised by the sign. But I didn't ask questions, I just moved forward and hugged him.

Good Guy grim reaper

Good Guy grim reaper *hugs the grim reaper* I'm sorry thank you for taking those i care for to the afterlife

Not Even Cancer Can Stand Up To This Combination of Honey And Baking Soda - Healthy Living


When my marching band and I were about to do the halftime show, there were these 9 year olds cursing so loudly

How is this possible? Lol

Need appraisal: My grand-pappy left me this meme in his will. Is it worth anything?