Mother mountain goat teaching her kid how to climb safely. The kids stay with their mothers for the first year of their lives.

americasgreatoutdoors: “ Here’s some serious cute: A mountain goat nanny and kid at Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. Mountain goats are not true goats at all but belong to the antelope family. The hooves of mountain goats consist of two toes that.

Mountain Goats. Amazing :O >>

Alpine ibex goats live at high altitudes in the Alps, and are capable of scaling sheer cliffs.

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Find out which skills and attribute allow these goats to tread where few others dare.

Because I'm a capricorn and must remember that I have very good footing when climbing mountains.  Goats doing what they usually do…

Goats doing what they usually do…

Mountain Goats are not true goats but they are close relatives. They are more properly known as goat-antelopes. These surefooted beasts inhabit many of North America's most spectacular alpine environments.

The mountain goat, also known as the Rocky Mountain goat, is a large-hoofed mammal found only in North America.

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Reminds of me some cartoon where this goat rocks on his antlers.

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Baby Mountain Goats  Mickey Anderson - beautiful photo...

magicalnaturetour: On Top the World: Photo by Photographer Dejan Smaic :)