Fortitude Rune

City of bones - the mortal instruments. the Fortitude rune. (mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation courageously.) Might be a future tatt

Runa Duelo - Cazadores de Sombras

noalani: “ “ ∟Shadowhunter runes: MOURNING She knelt down now and opened it. The same clothes, carefully packed away between layers of paper: school uniforms, practical sweaters and jeans, more formal.

Runes from The Mortal Instruments!! I think that the strength and the fearless runes would make great tattoos -- NOT THAT I'M GETTING ONE!

Runes from The Mortal Instruments! I think that the strength and the fearless runes would make great tattoos

Iratze - Mortal Instruments - I WILL have this tattooed

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Etsy The Mortal Instruments | Ruth Tattoo Ideas

ETSY: The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones Runes T Shirts=== could easily see myself getting one of these as a tattoo

almost right where i want to get my mortal instruments tattoo.. i want mine in white though

Shadowhunter rune for angelic power - the mortal instruments: city of bones aah totally want one

The Shadowhunter Chronicles + Latin

I knew Latin before I read TID and TMI and let me tell you, every time I read these I was sent into a frenzy. Such powerful phrases.

Shadowhunter tattoo

Set of 10 Mortal Instruments Transfer Decal Tattoos. Adorn yourself with the angelic symbols of the shadowhunters! Supernatural Powers not