Gorgeous vintage Moroccan wedding blankets www.elramlahamra.nl & https://www.etsy.com/shop/ElRamlaHamra

Add romance to any bedroom with a Moroccan wedding blanket. These gorgeous blankets are easy to make and look absolutely fantastic on a bed, or even as a throw.

One-Of-A-Kind Moroccan Wedding Blanket - Urban Outfitters

One-Of-A-Kind Moroccan Wedding Blanket

Shop fleece blankets, throw pillows, and floor cushions from Urban Outfitters. Create the ultimate cozy spot with a fleece throw, faux fur blanket, or velvet pillow.

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Design: Moroccan Wedding Quilt

A "Morrocan Wedding Blanket". I'd neither heard of nor seen a Morrocan Wedding Blanket before, but I don't understand why the North Africans have been hiding these things of incredible beauty from us!

Vintage Handira wedding blanket with metallic sequins, Baba Souk

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I've seen the textiles used as wall hangings and on ottomans, but I'd like one to wrap myself in - just like Berber brides used to do.

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From aguayos to ikats to suzanis, 'exotic' handcrafted textiles are enjoying considerable popularity in Western interiors, and Moroccan Wedding Blankets are no exception

Moroccan wedding blanket used as a throw to add a little bling to a minimal bedroom interior design

Moroccan wedding blanket

Moroccan Tree Skirt

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Moroccan Wedding Blankets at barefootgypsy.com.au

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moroccan wedding blanket, black restored painted door shutters --- modern bohemian boho interior design / vintage and mod mix with nature, wood-tones and bright accent colors / anthropologie-inspired chic mid-century home decor