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Freunde von Freunden — Johanna Burke — Set Designer, Apartment and Studio, Brooklyn, New York — I love this space.

Inspiration -Lindsey Pogue Author - romance adventure New adult - www dotlindseypoguedotcom

The first morning light, the fresh crisp air, the morning quiet, and cup of hot tea in hand.

barefoot in the kitchen: early morning light

The sun rises right outside my kitchen window. I love the way the light streams in. It immediately boosts my spirit and starts my day on .

quiet time

Stellar Series

My heart . my mind . my intuition . the senses of my body . the blessings . my spirit . my fear .

It's that kind of light that makes you want to get up in the morning and start a new day.

Shayne wakes up to the rising sun, it fills her dreams of heaven and consumes her thoughts. the only memories that promise lavender fields and golden shafts of sunlight

(i set this story in my home state and it feels real for that. nothing here is based on fact, but i do know what the sunlight looks like on my bedroom walls and how the air thickens in the summer, so it's really a story about home.)

Function: Information- I picked this one because I feel like it conveys the time of day through lighting well.

i hope when im older ill look like this, still looking for moments to zone out.. of corse with a cup of coffee

Mornings are my favorite. Watching the sun come up with a cup of coffee is one of the best feelings in the world (by Inaki Soria)

dancing light.

So Simple Wall Shelf by Smart Furniture

A lovely photo with perfect light of Cécile Daladier vases Before Cécile Daladier made ​​ceramic vases, their works have always been based nature. In large glass and rusty iron sculptures made ​​them collect water and put the sculptures in nature.