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What Is Your Biggest Turn On And Off? What Qualities Are A MUST!

cheating is a punk ass escape from dealing with the reality of a relationship.

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Some people do it one too many times... Amazingly they refuse to take responsibility for it and act a victim.

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There are many forms of cheating. A husband or wife can cheat on their spouse, a taxpayer can cheat on their taxes, and a game player can cheat in order to win. Cheating in any form is wrong, and this behavior shows a lack of good character and morals. Cheating to win, because of temptation, or to try to get ahead in life will only give you temporary success and there is no justification for it.

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Hey fat ass snooki wanna be might wanna spend more time with your husband and not on the computer talking about how ur not into drama but you only get on Pinterest for that reason he may start to wonder again!!

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Lying Cheating Husband Quotes | cheating-quotes-good-cheat-quote-pictures-true-sayings-pics-image.jpg

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Umm yeah please tell me how that is some one else's fault

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So true! I'm so sad over how I've seen marriage disrespected by people who know better. Guard your marriage!

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Top 20 Quotes Of The Day

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They all think they are sneaky. We really know were just one step ahead of them packing our bags moving forward to the next better thing.

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