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The family bloodlines of the Tuatha Dé Danann as they come to us from mythology, and there are many stories their relationships can be confusing. I'm not altogether certain about this family tree, there seems to be some inconsistencies...!!!


Pequeno Diccionario de Mitologia Celtica

La collana MEET MYTHS ci racconta anche la misteriosa ed evocativa mitologia celtica. Sulle tracce di antichi druidi e bardi, scopri I Miti Celtici!

I'm never going to be able to pronounce the half of these. And did you know Hel, in norse mythology, was the daughter of Loki? He also had Fenrir, a giant wolf that would continue growing until it consumed the world, and a snake called Jormungand


Deirdre Del Lago Un altro racconto ispirato dalla mitologia celtica e da uno dei personaggi, Deirdre.

da Journeying to the Goddess

Goddess Sulis

Sulis Celtic Goddess of Sacred Wells and Springs


Modron : Welsh Celtic goddess of Autumn, the harvest, magic, ritual, and fertility


Gossaun Stones The Gossaun Stones are a pair of standing stones located on the ridge between Scarr and Paddock Hill. They mark a viewing point for the rising sun on the equinnoxes. This photo was taken at the spring equinnox in 2009, but as you can see, the day was disappointingly overcast. Photo: Ben McCabe, NPWS