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The Newcomer’s Guide to Miami

21 Things You Must Do When Visiting Miami

The best Miami hotels

A Weekend in South Beach Miami

Sometimes called the “Wreck Capital,” Miami boasts some of the most fascinating snorkeling and dive sites in the US. Surrounded by thriving reefs and boat wrecks preserved by the calm underwater environment, there is something for everyone to see no matter your skill level. As a hotel in North Miami Beach, the DoubleTree Ocean Point Resort & Spa is conveniently in the middle of a number of amazing snorkeling sites, some of which are accessible even from the shore.

10 Things Not to Do in Miami (And What to Do Instead)

Miami, Florida, offers almost too much of a good thing, with its glittering menu of shopping, restaurants and cultural attractions, not to mention its beautiful beaches. Here's your guide to sample Miami's highlights in an action-packed day.

22 Image Reasons Why Miami is Always a Good Idea