Mermaid braid by Stephanie Brinkerhoff

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2016 short hairstyles ideas are here that have been initiated by these celebs. Just try these 2016 short hairstyles ideas and get that Hollywood look on your.

Mermaid Braid Tutorial |

We show you how to create the ultimate mermaid braid in this easy step-by-step tutorial. Even Ariel will be envious of you with this mermaid braid!

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This is a beautiful mermaid braid made with large sections and a fishtail braid. When my hair grows longer!

This is a beautiful mermaid braid made with large sections and a fishtail braid. I can't find a tutorial for this exact braid but you can edit the original tutorials to make your braid look like this.

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The Mermaid Hair Braid Modeled by: Lo Caballero // IG: theriverwolf_ Styled by: Sarah D Beauty // IG:

If you're up for a braided challenge, try out the mermaid braid and end it off with a fishtail. The perfect style for an afternoon outdoors!

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This mermaid style is for the advanced (and ambidextrous). This particular plait starts with a regular three-strand braid then adds small sections from the


I am so excited about today’s tutorial! I really wanted to change up a side braid and make it look intricate and formal with a hint of bohemian flair. My favorite thing about this style is how easy it is to replicate. It looks tricky…