Merle Dixon, The Walking Dead. Really hoping he has a change of heart

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You'd like my brother." Merle chuckled. "He's off in his head most of the time like you." "You say it like its a bad thing." She answered. More

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Merle Dixon, The Walking Dead

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"I've done a lot of things I ain't proud of..." - Merle Dixon

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Merle Dixon: How come we never hooked up? Andrea: You called me a whore and a rugmuncher. Merle Dixon: Got a way with words, don’t I?

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Merle Dixon.... Loved this racist asshole... He loved his brother...and waits for him on the other side :'(

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I don't know if this goes on the zombie board, or the inspiration and positivity board.

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Young Daryl and Merle Dixon XD

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Cool Art: Hero Complex Gallery presents 'The Walking Dead' - Art by Jason Palmer

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Merle Dixon by Amanda TollesonFreehand digital painting on corel with oil paint brushes

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