Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Breed Information

They are members of the working group. They are great guard and protection dogs. They stand at inches at the shoulder and weigh about pounds.

Corbin is an adoptable Neapolitan Mastiff Dog in Carlsbad, CA. My name is Corbin and my ID: is Im a Pit Bull/Neo Mastiff mix, about 3 years old and weighing in around 89 lbs. Pit bulls a.

On a walk one night our beagle, Clank, found Ratchet, a nine-ounce newborn puppy lying abandoned in a patch of grass. We rushed him to an emergency clinic and were told h

Hi my name is Hank! I'm a German shepherd / mastiff mix (the best the vet can tell). My birth mom was a stray shepherd mix who came into the shelter pregnant.


Silas is an 11 month old, red Merle, Old English Bulldog Mastiff mix. His mom died when he was four days old and he was raised by a Standard Poodle. He now lives with us and his two pug brothers. He has no idea what he is or how big he is, we think he mig

Tiger Lilly the Boxer / Mastiff Mix his markings and colors are very similar.

Here’s an impressive dog that would be your best friend an a watch dog no one would mess with. This is an American Bulldog Bull Mastiff mix will be a confident and loyal dog.