Magnolia sketch - tattoo idea

Magnolia sketch I mean I know I'm a dude but I love my state enough for a leg tat of this

I just really want this as a tattoo...don't ask me why. But I do. My heart belongs in Louisiana.

I just really want this as a tattoo. My heart belongs in Louisiana. With a heart in the Louisiana maybe a few other things around it

Fleur De Lis Painting by the famous New Orleans artist David Wargo. Traditional New Orleans.

Incorporate 4 places that mean something to him. The bottom one being Blaine (where he wants to be buried)

Except the heart would be Houma, La #louisianatattoo #louisianahasmyheart

Not that big and colored in everywhere but where the heart is. My heart would be where Eunice is.

Flower of New Orleans White Calla Lily by Judy Morrell

Flower Of New Orleans White Calla Lilly Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Judy Merrell

I looove the style of this :)

this would make a great tattoo. brush strokes and all.I like the idea of the brush stroke more than the actual tattoo. But I would like to modify it so that there's a pink ribbon in the center of the tattoo.

I'm always looking for fun home state stuff that doesn't have the obligatory fleur de lis.

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