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This is so pretty the contact looks like they is drawn in a manga style and the eyelashes are amazing and the glitter is such a nice touch!

Doe eye: notice the White eyeliner

10 Irresistible Cat Eyeliner Tutorials for Pretty Girls

Makeup to make your eyes stand out. eye, eye makeup, eyes, makeup makeup makeup for blue eyes classic cat eyes also see macs video how to Co.

beautifully #Koreanmakeuptutorials

beautifully #Koreanmakeuptutorials

Korean Big Eye Circle Lenses: Korean Skin Care & Makeup - More in www.uniqso.com: Gyaru Makeup Tutorial Using Big Eye Circle Lenses

I keep emphasizing "gradient lips" as a key to K-beauty, but never mentioned how it's done. Well, here it is! Gradient Lip Tutorial from RinnieRiot

Sugary Make-up tutorial by ~hullabalo0

Best Ideas For Makeup Tutorials Picture Description Sugary Make-up tutorial by on deviantART

lolita make up tutorial

I love Japanese fashion magazine makeup tutorials they are great I collected a couple of images to share with you guys!