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LOL, what I love most is the middle frame, the friend who doesn't want to share but is willing to sacrifice just enough ice cream to keep the friendship going, lol. <3 LA

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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 34 Pics

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Lol captions gallery (09:14:53 AM, Thursday 03, November 2016 PDT) – 36 pics

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5 yr old daughter: Mom, why some of your hair is white? Me: *smile* every time you make me sad, one hair turns white. Daughter: *wide eyes* mom, what did you do to grandma?!

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Lol pics gallery (12:41:32 PM, Wednesday 02, November 2016 PDT) – 40 pics

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Funny Quotes About Working Out (or Rather, NOT Working Out)

Pin for Later: Funny Quotes About Working Out (or Rather, NOT Working Out)

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Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 65 Pics - TOO FUNNY!!!

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@alyssamolxna More

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32 Funny Quotes to Make a Joyful Day

Funny Quotes 10

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17 Jokes Only Dads Can Get Away With

Lol... That's amazing how the little girl gets this huge thing and the dude gets this tiny thing>>>>Not all Dad jokes are bad

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