The best opening to any show, ever. If you go, you have to push the boat out and get stalls tickets, it's worth it

Disney’s The Lion King: The Musical

The Lion King Broadway Musical. I saw it in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and it is fantastic. I felt like I was watching Lion King for the first time.

Tony award-winning musical based on the Disney animation classic, coming to my town next year! Hope I can see it!!!

Theology in "The Lion King"

The Lion King - NYC - the balcony seats were can see from everywhere in the Minskoff theater

"This form of tribal paint was used to warn off any other tribes and distinguish your tribe from the next. This paint is made to look menacing and scary. The designers of The Lion King have done an amazing job of making this tribal paint look realistic, but appropriate enough for children. I think the costume is so well made. The colours of the face reflect the colours used in the costume. i love all the textures in this costume, all the wooden elements and the beads."

The Lion King

Originally a male character in Disney's The Lion King, Rafiki was rewritten as a female in the Broadway adaption.

lion king on broadway - Google Search

The Original Broadway Cast of Disney’s The Lion King ~ Sarabi ~ The combination of the puppetry along with their facial makeup and outfits is stunning. I'm so happy to being playing Sarabi!

I would love to figure out how to do these headpieces.  Maybe Carolyn can help me with this. Grass hula skirts from anywhere.

Exclusive Photos! Go Backstage with the Cast of The Lion King on the Hit Musical’s 17th Anniversary

It's the circle of life. The Lion King Musical one of my ideas of hell....the only thing that could make it worse is if it was on ice, in a place with no alcohol.

It's the circle of life. The Lion King Musical. Im doing the jr version of this for a small theatre company and im playing rafiki.

'Disney's The Lion King, Jr.' Closes on Sunday | Monroe, CT Patch

'Disney's The Lion King, Jr.' Closes on Sunday