Joana Avillez shares her Tribeca loft with domino magazine. Domino magazine shares photos of Joana Avillez's Tribeca loft.

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You definitely don't need to find whatever you've got in the drawers scattered all around the place when a drawer flies open. Every closet has a specific storage criterion. Various shelves can be created by employing old books.

everything about this is perfect and enchanting

I'd never sleep in a room full of books.but could I read in a room with a bed in it?

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris... one of the most calming spaces I've ever visited.

My dream house will have a room just like this- full of books with a comfy bed to read in

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Mom Transforms Her Little Girl’s Plain White Room Into An Inspiring Fairy-Tale World

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Beautiful string lights and books

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Everything tea, books, coffee, and journals. We do not own the rights to any material presented here, unless stated otherwise.

This room practically screams “cozy up and read” with its golden tones, unique decor, and selection of books nearby.

23 Bookish Bedrooms You Need to See

Idea for spare room -- move twin bed in there once we obtain another queen size bed for guestroom, and use it as a daybed with shelving above. Love this color scheme with mauve and olive

I want a bed like this to put all the pillows I want and to just get creative not caring if anything matches

Whats your style


For a book-lover, having your own curated shelf of reads is an absolute must. It's like a mini library you can always visit, and there are endless ways you can style your shelves.

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Room inspiration for bookworms, including this stunning Parisian perfection.

23 Bookish Bedrooms You Need to See

Small bedroom, wallpaper, gold chinoiserie mirror, built-in bookcases, plaid quilt. *gaaaaaasp* THOSE BOOK SHELVES!

Actually, I'll take one of each... and also I'll need to win th lotto or something to fill both

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Some girls dream of a big walk-in closet in their bedroom. I'd rather have a big walk-in library in mine.

Awesome bedroom design with unique concept.

Modern Bedroom Designs Combined With Minimalist Decor Ideas Looks So Awesome and Luxury

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oh-thebookfeels: “ My book nook for now (Before anyone judges my rainbow shelves… When you move 1600 miles and have to move again in a few months, you need some organization! I normally organize by author/series/genre though :).

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Bookshelves // Bookshelf // Decoration // Home Decor // Interior Design // House // Apartment. Love the idea of a bookshelf wall like goes to the floor like that ~k