Anatomy of a Librarian infographic - because I'm feeling a little self-absorbed today

Anatomy of a modern librarian infographic. Click through to website for clearer reading.

What do your wonderful librarians do? Here's a quick snapshot!

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What Librarians Do - Library Science 101 infographic via library mover and shaker Stephen Abram

roles-for-the-librarian-of-the-future:  8 Ways the Librarian of the Future Will Keep Themselves Busy--TeachThought

The infographic below was adapted from a keynote address for the State University of New York Librarians Association Annual conference by LibraryScienceList. Filed under: Books, Libraries, Tech, USA Tagged: Libraries

Ideas Quotes: Librarian Book Wizard Vinyl Decal

Librarian Book Wizard Vinyl Decal

29 Moments Any Librarian Knows Too Well

29 Moments Any Librarian Knows Too Well

Here is some library humor to celebrate National Library Week. Library people and book lovers alike are a quirky bunch. Enjoy some of our library funnies.

Librarians don't know everything. They just know how to find out everything. #biblioteques_UVEG More

Circulating Ideas: the Librarian Interview Podcast by Steve Thomas — Kickstarter

We Are Librarians and we know the answers to questions you didn't even know to ask. #logo #libraries

Isn't this the definition of hipster librarians who are just a tad full of themselves?

The Value of Librarians! « The Gun-Carryin' Librarian

The Value of Librarians!

"A Librarian's Worth" -- Infographic is undated, but the sources seem to indicate the data is from 2008 -

"Banned Book Covers...changed to show some of the complaints that accompanied their banning" /

Banned books week 2010: the top 10 most challenged titles

readpenguin: “ booklikes: “ Banned Book covers by Morgan Sobel. ” Banned book week might be over, but this is too good not to share.