Anker Strickendes Mädchen 1884. Sewing room printable. Sewing room decoration printable

Albert Anker (Swiss artist, Girl Knitting 1884 ~He is very well represented in this board: being Swiss, maybe that's why I knit so much?

One More Stitch: Famous Knitters - Ingrid Bergman

While waiting for a scene of Stromboli, Ingrid Bergman knits and Rossellini reads a telegram.

portrait of a peasant girl in white blouse and small pink shawl, knitting, bust.

Really, all you need to become a good knitter are wool, needles, hands, and slightly below-average.

Хотела совсем о другом, но вдруг неожиданно вырулила к вязальщицам. Да и то, право, пора сезон открывать. Лучшие друзья девушки длинными тёмными вечерами - пара…

Carlton Alfred Smith (British, «A young girl knitting

"Thankful Heart" by Morgan Weistling

A Thankful Heart - Girl offering prayer by artist Morgan Weistling. I am not a religious person but this is beautiful because all that matters is that she is thankful and humble. No matter who she thanks

The Swedes were way ahead of their time in design...

Historical babywearing pleases my babywearing geek. -- would love to see a modern version of this.

Gregory Frank Harris 1953

Gregory Frank Harris was born in southern California. His mother was a painter and his father a miner. He also has a twin brother, an entomologist and drummer. He began drawing and sculpting in clay by the age of five.