How to Wash and Cut Burlap! Soften, get rid of the smell, and make it so much easier to work with!

Washing and Cutting Burlap

SHABBY *washed Rustic Chic Burlap SHOWER Curtain Lace Ruffles FLOWER French Beach Farmhouse
SOFT AND LOFTY BURLAP How to wash and dry burlap to get rid of the bad smell and make it soft!


WASHED BURLAP TUTORIAL ...I didn't use bleach when I washed mine...that's why this image of burlap is almost a cream colour and my burlap stayed a more beige colour and had more body to it.


How to Wash, Cut and Dry Burlap | A Tutorial by On Sutton Place

How to Wash, Dry and Cut Burlap

Grande barca a vela di Driftwood di ShabbySeasonsDecor su Etsy

Grande barca a vela di Driftwood

How to Wash Bulap Potato Sacks #burlap #crafts
Washing burlap safely

Wash Burlap

How to Wash and Cut Burlap! Get rid of the smell, soften the burlap, and even out the edges so it doesn't fray! SO easy and worth the extra little effort.

Washing and Cutting Burlap