(Jana's POV) "So we're supposed to drink this?" Leon says suspiciously eying the lava river. "I guess," I admit and I get on my knees so I'm closer to the river. Leon coughs as he replicates my actions. He scoops his hands into the lava and jeers lightly, "To surviving." I dive my hands in and I'm surprised that the Phlegethon is almost on the cool side. "To surviving." I agree and I bring my hands to my lips. I take a gulp and I and I immediately feel nauseous because it tastes that awful.

Hot lava river, a fresh lava flow from a volcanic vent, is a liquid at temperatures from 700 to °C to °F). Silicon dioxide, also known as silica - a component of common household.

Pahoehoe is a bit hotter, forms lava tubes with many units, thin with lower viscosity & thickness so faster. Both slow down speed as they cool.

Fire Art of Earth. Rolls of still red glowing hot lava appear like living blankets. Pahoehoe Lava - Kilauea Volcano on Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii  Went on a helicopter ride so far down into the volcano we felt the heat. The most exciting thing I have ever done!!!

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park can be visited by car but the most spectacular view is the one from the sky. Check out these 25 Hawaii Volcanoes spectacular views.

Abstract Patterns Found in Nature by Thorsten Scheuermann                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Abstract Patterns Found in Nature by Thorsten Scheuermann

Born in Fire - Abstract shot of glowing lava forming patterns known as "Pele's Braids" during twilight on the Big Island of Hawaii. Photography by Thorsten Scheuermann

Volcano Lava - Kilauea, Hawaii, USA

Best Photography of 2014

25 Adorable and Breathtaking Places Around the World - Volcano Lava Kilauea, Hawaii, USA

So pretty! But seriously, how do people take these kinds of pictures without being burnt!?!?!

Color & Contrast The Color & Contrast of the lava and rock in this picture are really cool! I love the lave thats falling and its really bright orange. The steam coming off of it makes for effect. Overall, this is a fantastic picture.

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Active lava flow in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Massive rock layers laid down in hours and days-- millions of years not required.

The Tongue by Bruce Omori - A tongue of lava oozes out from beneath the recently cooled crust of a flow.

The World’s Coolest Pictures Of Volcano Eruptions

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Lava Flow ~ Volcano National Park, Hawaii

One of the most amazing things I've seen! Lava Flow into the Ocean, Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii. I think it is amazing that the islands are slowing growing from these active lava flows.

Photographer Risks Getting Burned To Capture Lava, Meteor, Milky Way And Moon In A Single Shot

Photographer Risks Getting Burned To Capture Lava, Meteor, Milky Way And Moon In A Single Shot