Flags of South American Countries  I like this map;  pair it with that irritating song on youtube and all the countries will be memorized in a couple of days.

South American Countries Flags - Learn about the various flags of South America, the fourth-largest continent in the world. It contains 12 sovereign states and other dependencies.

Latin America map | Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Bolívia, México, Uruguai ... www.ninhol.com

For the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands report and analysis.

South America Map Typography Text Map of Central by artPause

Beautiful graphic showcasing South America Map, Typography Text Map of Central America and Latin America, Art…

Almacén de Flores | Tigre, Argentina (Out of all of Latin America, Argentina is the place I most want to visit.)

Resistencia, Argentina- loved walking around to all the little shops & eating at little places on the street.

26 Breathtaking Places In Latin America You Should Visit This Year

26 Breathtaking Places In Latin America You Should Visit Before You Die

I fell in love with Mexico for so many reasons, and in so many ways and I know that I will return many times more in the future.

why I left my heart in mexico

Mexico is depicted as many things such as poor, obsolete, violence filled and corrupt. That is due to mass media creating a stereotype for an entire country.

Cartagena, Colombia #vacation #tourism #travel

10 Best Places to Visit in January

Colorful tribal fabrics inspired by the South American Andean cultures and other parts of Latin America

HappyFabric is even in Peru! Textiles at the Chinchero market, Peru.and although I'm aware there are far more amazing things to see in Peru, I would go for this alone.

Lima -- I remember seeing all of the partially finished houses, with crow-bar sticking up everywhere.  It was so ALIVE.  I was told they would use their money for braces for the kids or whatever, then continue to build the house when they could...  these homes look a bit "nicer" than what I remember...

Lima, Peru is one of the most colorful cities in the world! San Cristobal, Lima Photo by Doug Sturgess