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Lacrime Nell' Occhio Sinistro

Fun Psychology facts here!

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Wow, I have never heard of this...but I'm going to try to take notice now..I'll be having lots of practice for quite some time...miss my baby girl.

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I didn't want to be the one to have to fight.....I wanted YOU to WANT to fight for ME

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.sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks

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Love Didn't Hurt You

This is so true for many. They let someone get the best of them and let them take it and leave themselves with nothing left to give. Never feel bad for opening your heart to love, feel bad for those who didn't appreciate the love you had to give. When you have so much love to give. It is their loss, not yours.

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#181 - When a person cries & the first drop of tears comes from the right eye, It's happiness. If it is from the left, It's pain

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CELEBRATE...celebrate EVERYTHING!!! "Celebrate everything" were the last words my Mother-In-Law said to me minutes before she died....TEARS, first one from the left eye.

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interesting it gives a whole new look on crying. I'll look at which eye the tears are coming from when people cry now!!

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When a person cries

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I can't say enough about the kind people in this world, there doesn't seem to be enough of them. Stories like this one truly warm my heart❤

I can't say enough about the kind people in this world, there doesn't seem to be enough of them. Stories like this one truly warm my heart❤

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A sad time for America. please pray for all the families affected by these despicable acts.....

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I would rather have you son... I wish you would have given me the choice

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interesting facts!

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Rev. 21:4 "And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there will be no death, no crying: There will be no more pain, for the old things have passed away." We lost you on October 26th, but I carry you with me every day. I use to hate that day but now it just reminds me how lucky I was to have you. Can't wait to see you again Dad. Always in my heart.

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I meant nothing at all :(

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Psycho facts

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You'll never understand how many days I spent crying over you. I still cry myself to sleep and it's been close to a year since you forgot me.

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Quand une personne pleure, si la première larme vient de l’œil droit, ce sera lié à la joie. Si elle vient de l’œil gauche, on parlera de douleur. Si ce sont les deux yeux, alors ce sera de la frustration. | Saviez Vous Que?

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Behind by smile is a hurting heart. #infertility #pregnancyloss

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Glinda the good witch, but with softer tones

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