Crown bracelet.  Try this technique to make an actual crown for your little girl for dressup or for the top of a veil.

DIY Faux Metal Lace Cuff (I gave the lace a couple of coats of fabric stiffener. Let that set for 15 to 20 minutes then brush on a metallic paint. Wipe off any excess paint so that the lace pattern is (Baby Bottle Painting)

These step-by-step instructions show you just how easy it is to make your own #LeatherAndLace jewelry designs! I LOVE it! - Allie #FusionBeadsTakeover

DIY Lace Bracelet - Sew Beads on Lace And Leather diy crafts craft ideas easy crafts diy ideas easy diy craft jewelry

Anthropologie Knock off Vintage Lace Bracelet

Anthropologie Knock off Vintage Lace Bracelet. I would definitely choose different colors!

Learn how to make a leather cuff bracelet with a gorgeous satin and lace flower! Complete tutorial at diy beautify!

How to make a Leather and Lace Bracelet

Inspired by a leather and lace bracelet I saw at the Country Living Fair, I set out to make my own knock-off version. Get the tutorial for this awesome leather bracelet at diy beautify.

give that girl a cola: DIY Lace Cuff Bracelet

I love anything with lace so a simple lace cuff bracelet is a must have.

Lace bracelets

Lace Bracelets

DIY Inspiration: Lace Bracelets At Lost at E Minor Shop. For some Lace DIYs go here or see a few below. Easy Lace Earrings and Corset Lace Bracelet from Anna Evers here. Cheap and Easy Lace Bracelet.