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city kilts - who'd have known the kilt would've come to this. Utility kilt wear for the man who doesn't want the tartan sporran look.

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Guys, stop wearing kilts unless you live in Scotland. If you're in the US wearing a kilt you just look like a white power racist asshole and it's not worth that just to have some air on your balls.

... speechless... maybe it's the kilt.                              …

Not upcycle-able, but GypsyMama is also a fan of bare-chested kilted Celts.

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Fashion forward and distinctly beautiful bespoke kilts

Today I am thrilled to share the work of Siobhan MacKenzie and her incredible fashion forward bespoke kilts which are just perfection for the Groom looking for something just a little bit special.

Man in kilt running

Men's knitwear: nine different looks - in pictures

Men in Kilts! #plomperg

Men New Leather Kilt Gladiator Warrior Black Kilt Genuine Leather Stylish …

Hot men in kilts A Fashion Forward Friday.

Catwalk fashion at the National Wedding Show 2012